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What a to do to die today At a quarter or two to two. A terrible difficult thing to say But a harder thing still to do. The dragon will come at the beat of the drum With a rat-a-tat-tat a-tat-tat a-tat-to At a quarter or two to two today, At a quarter or two to two.

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Fluent in 3 Months: How Anyone at Any Age Can Learn to Speak Any Language from Anywhere in the World
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Salt of the Air
Vera Nazarian
Dark Cities Underground
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A Walk in the Woods
Bill Bryson
Gulliver's Travels
Jonathan Swift, Robert DeMaria Jr.


Amphigorey - Edward Gorey I found the stories included to be a lovely, dark sort of humorous, with his sentences and choice of words playful and captivating, and the illustrations beautiful. Unfortunately, I can only give this anthology edition four stars because the quality of printing is distracting at times. I've compared it to my small Gashlycrumb Tinies book and the difference in contrast and lack of detail is noticeable. As the size is also smaller, it may just be somewhat unavoidable that lines are condensed into a darkness devoid of many of the smaller details and thin lines lost entirely to the white page. Still, better slightly badly printed works by Gorey than none at all, and the two stories that are in color fare much better. Actually, I don't know that it would have bothered me as much if I hadn't seen some of the illustrations before, looking far more detailed in other books. Oh well, this hasn't in any way reduced my desire to search out even more of his stories; in fact, being able to get so many of them in an anthology has done quite the opposite! I can't wait to read the next group in Amphigorey Too and hopefully pick up more of the individual books of my favorites!