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What a to do to die today At a quarter or two to two. A terrible difficult thing to say But a harder thing still to do. The dragon will come at the beat of the drum With a rat-a-tat-tat a-tat-tat a-tat-to At a quarter or two to two today, At a quarter or two to two.

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The Tale of the Body Thief

The Tale of the Body Thief  - Anne Rice I had fun reading this book, for the most part. It does have issues, though, and moments where I really wanted something to happen already. I don't think the implications of anyone being able to switch bodies whenever they want (albeit with some training), and what that would mean for the vampires, was really well thought out.

Oh well, I did like the idea of Lestat being able to experience being human again, but I'm not sure Rice did as much with it as I'd have liked. I definitely didn't like that there was a rape scene and how it was handled. Were we not supposed to think any differently about Lestat after that? That's how I felt it played out. I also had problems with everything being solved so easily and without any truly unexpected surprises. David and Lestat came up with a plan and then it worked out almost exactly as they wanted, and in the end, you could say it worked out even better. The body thief character was such an idiot, though, that it wasn't a surprise he never suspected anything and wasted his new abilities in such stupid ways. The plot became a little less interesting because of him.

My favorite thing about the book was actually David and Lestat's interactions and relationship. I wasn't expecting to like that as I don't like how everyone seems to be in love with Lestat, no matter what impulsive or horrible actions he takes. Then again, like the other characters, I too find Lestat to be a lot of fun (sometimes even while he's being incredibly infuriating), so I can see how at least some of the other characters would feel the same, but everyone?

Love is a Dog from Hell

Love is a Dog from Hell - Charles Bukowski This was the first time I've read anything by Charles Bukowski and maybe it wasn't the best poetry collection of his to start out with. As I read, I marked the poems that stood out to me. There were only ten, but those ten were marvelous. The others weren't horrible but it did get a little wearing by the end and that's why I went with a lower rating. So many of the poems blended together after a while into a dreary, miserable mix of Bukowski writing about writing a poem, alcohol, vomit, long hair, and young women he has/had sex with or just lusts over. It all becomes pretty dull and repetitive, so much so that the ones that stood out to me, or don't fit that generalization, get lost in the tiring stampede of the others.

Still, I'd consider reading more of his poetry or books, but this time selecting more carefully. I don't know, though; this may have been a bad introduction to his work because of the majority of the subject matter, or maybe I'm just not a huge fan of his style. What I do know is that after reading his poems, I feel like I've been in one of his slightly ugly relationships, and I'd like to wash him out of my system for a while.

The Queen of the Damned

The Queen of the Damned - Anne Rice I wasn't sure if I should rate this book two stars or three. Then I realized that despite the silliness, the pointlessness of some of the characters included, the occasional disjointed and messy feel of the book, and some boring chapters that seemed to take forever to get through, I liked it. Actually, I found myself liking some parts quite a lot and enjoying being back in the world of Rice's vampires and learning more of their history. It's unfortunate that Lestat became more annoying to me in this book than he ever was before, because I really liked him in the first and even the second book in the series. I have a feeling he's only going to get worse in the next books. Thankfully, I liked most of the other characters, except Baby Jenks (ugh!), and they were what kept me engrossed in the story. The ending was a bit of a disappointment, though.

I feel hesitant about continuing the series now. I want to read more of what happens to these characters, but I have a feeling that the more Anne Rice books I read the less I'll like them. That and I already had moments reading this book where Anne Rice's style of writing became incredibly tedious to read. Something tells me I should stop while I'm still enjoying the ride; I know I won't, though, not yet anyway.


Amphigorey - Edward Gorey I found the stories included to be a lovely, dark sort of humorous, with his sentences and choice of words playful and captivating, and the illustrations beautiful. Unfortunately, I can only give this anthology edition four stars because the quality of printing is distracting at times. I've compared it to my small Gashlycrumb Tinies book and the difference in contrast and lack of detail is noticeable. As the size is also smaller, it may just be somewhat unavoidable that lines are condensed into a darkness devoid of many of the smaller details and thin lines lost entirely to the white page. Still, better slightly badly printed works by Gorey than none at all, and the two stories that are in color fare much better. Actually, I don't know that it would have bothered me as much if I hadn't seen some of the illustrations before, looking far more detailed in other books. Oh well, this hasn't in any way reduced my desire to search out even more of his stories; in fact, being able to get so many of them in an anthology has done quite the opposite! I can't wait to read the next group in Amphigorey Too and hopefully pick up more of the individual books of my favorites!